200 Willow Whips in the Ground!

Today we gathered in the beautiful sunshine and snow to design and plant up the beginnings of our new willow site.

4 Varieties each planted into a different directional point to mark out a compass, with plans to create a living willow dome and sitting area in the centre.

200 is only the beginning!  Watch this space for MUCH more willow planting to come!!!


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2 Responses to 200 Willow Whips in the Ground!

  1. Joint Email says:

    Hi Kate.

    I have probably 100 or so Willow sticks that you could have……just need pruning off the bushes. Problem is at the moment I have a bad chest, so if you want them I am afraid it would have to self service!



    Jon or Judy 0131 448 2067



  2. Jcat says:

    Yes!! You can’t get much more local than that!
    Prune, pass across river, plant.
    We will do this on our Tree Planting Weekend 11th/12th March.


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