Volunteer Days Are Back!

Perhaps your New Years Resolution was to get fit, or to spend more time outdoors, or to connect with nature, or to help with some conservation projects? You could tick all those boxes by joining us at Three Hares this Sunday 29th January for our Volunteer Sunday! (last Sunday of every month 11am-3pm). No previous experience necessary!

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2 Responses to Volunteer Days Are Back!

  1. G says:

    Is there any scope for a fatigued person to join the occasion or for part of the session? For the company, being outdoors, learning and connection even if I can’t do any heavy stuff – getting to the site might be enough. I need more greenspace in my life.


    • Jcat says:

      Yes, come along and enjoy the space. Everyone is able to work at there own pace, it’s also fine to join the day to find out what we are up to. You are most welcome.


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