Year of Stories 2022

Rekindling the Ceilidh at Three Hares Community Woodland

Come and enjoy tales of the natural world at your local community woodland in Midlothian, Edinburgh!

Three Hares Community Woodland will host 4 public events from Spring to Autumn. These gatherings intend to provide an opportunity to connect to the turning of the seasonal wheel, celebrating the natural world and exploring a local community woodland.

We will be sharing seasonal stories interwoven with outdoor crafts, nature connection and creative woodland activities.

Featuring professional and emerging young storytellers, guest craft workshop leaders, and a beautiful outdoor space, each event will combine live storytelling, fireside gathering, nature connection activities and seasonally appropriate crafts.

These events are run with an inclusive and joyful manner, in the spirit of the ceilidh. Contributions from the wider community are welcome.

Bring snacks, refreshments, and outdoor clothes/shoes.

May 7th: Beltane Fire (storytelling and primitive fire skills)

Come and join us for a day of firemaking, storytelling and spring time revelry.

Storyteller Dougie Mackay will be assisted by some young tellers in sharing tales of “how fire came to be”, whilst bushcraft expert Paul Smith will teach participants about the different ages of fire making, from flint and steel to friction fire. Come and learn about natural tinder and fire lighting fungus.

As well as time to wander and explore the woodland, we will gather around the fire to share stories and songs in an outdoor ceilidh style.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale from £0 – £8 and can be purchased HERE.

June 26th: Midsummer Medicine

Come join storyteller Dougie Mackay and folk-medicine maker Jess Raine for a mixture of herbal tales, foraging and ointment making.

Dougie will bring a mixture of folk and faery tales of plant lore and midsummer magic. Jess will guide the group in brewing up some wild concoctions over the open fire, creating some ointments for participants to take home.

In the beautiful natural surroundings of the Three Hares woodland, there will be plenty of space to explore and relax, with some games organised for children.

The last gathering was a blast, and this one should be likewise!


12-1: Arrive, explore, packed lunch, fire lighting
1-1.45 Storytelling
1.45-2.30 Foraging walk or games
2.30-3.30 Ointment making
3.30-4 Closing story

Tickets are available on a sliding scale from £0 – £8 and can be purchased HERE.

Event 3 – 10 September

Stay tuned for more information!

Event 4 – 15th October

Stay tuned for more information!

This 8-day storytelling programme will take place at the Three Hares Community Woodland from April – October and is open to 8-13 year olds.

Following on from the success of our Story Camp in 2021, this programme will give the opportunity for older children to enjoy creative outdoor time in a welcoming environment, to hear stories and create some of their own. Fireside storytelling will be mixed with exploration, games and creative activities. The focus will be on wellbeing, nature connection and fun.

The camp will be facilitated by professional storyteller Dougie Mackay and outdoor facilitator Elly Kinross. Participants will also have the opportunity to perform at a serires of public storytelling and craft events at The Three Hares over the summer months.

Places are limited and booking is essential. Cost is £15/session. If cost of attending is a barrier or you require to pay per session rather than upfront, please get in touch at

Purchasing of a taster session is possible for Saturday 23rd April.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Saturday 23rd April, 11am – 3pm
Saturday 14th May, 11am – 3pm
Saturday 18th June, 11am – 3pm
3 day Summer Story Camp: Thursday 7th – Saturday 9th July, 11am – 3pm
Saturday 3rd September, 11am – 3pm
Saturday 1st October, 11am – 3pm