Tree Care Volunteer Day THIS SUNDAY 12th December, 2021

We are continuing our monthly volunteer days, which usually happen on the last Sunday of the month. For December we are bringing the date forward to this Sunday 12th, from 11am to 2pm.

We will be joined by the Edinburgh University Conservation crew the Dirty Weekenders, but all are welcome!

Jobs include swapping spiral guards to deer guards, removing competitive grasses from base of trees, and generally just giving our newly planted trees some TLC.

Bring your own water/refreshments/snacks. Bring gloves if you have, although we do have a wee stash. And wrap up warm!




Woodland Management Course Campfire Day

1st March, 2020

The focus of our work to date has been in the large meadow part of the land, but we were very keen to open up access to the long strip of land where the majority of our established trees are.  To start us off we invited Donald McPhillimy to run a Woodland Management Course, teaching tree pruning, coppicing and offering advice on paths.  A circular loop through the established woodland was cleared, and a stand of Alder trees were coppiced.  Everyone loved learning this ancient woodland management technique and we built the starts of a natural deer hedge around the area with the small branches cut off.  The group then stacked the larger bits of wood in a Norweigian style of stacking, to be seasoned.

Thanks to Donald for sharing his wealth of knowledge, and to the rest of the group for all the great work they achieved.  When next you visit Three Hares, take a dander through this wonderful mixed woodland, now that we’ve cleared the way!


Imbolc Tree Planting and Protection Campfire Day

2nd February, 2020

We are still over the moon with how our most recent community campfire day went! We celebrated the Celtic festival of Imbolc through planting and protecting trees, and sharing fire, songs & poems. 🔥🌱We nearly ran out of trees to plant as we had the highest number of tree planting enthusiasts in a long time! Huge thank you to everyone who came, especially new and small attendees! 🦋


Tree Planting and Sapling Protection

13th December, 2019

three hares sapling protection

More beat up (replacing dead trees) and a particular focus on protection against voles by removing long grasses around trees.  Oh they do tunnel everywhere!


Baby Tree Protection Action

8th December, 2019

– protecting trees with vole guards

– removing long grasses from around baby trees

– erecting huge wooden poles for perches and bird boxes for kestrels and tawny owls

– planting trees where trees have been eaten

Kestrel & Tawny Owl Nest Box Building at The Forge, Fountainbridge

7th December, 2019

three hares nest boxes

Nesting boxes built at The Forge.  This is part of our plan to reduce voles on the land who have happily been munching away on our young trees.  Gah!

Check out The Forge:

‘A pop up community maker space in Edinburgh.  Based in renovated shipping containers, we provide both woodwork and metalwork tools, facilities and training to people from all walks of life, from students to retired engineers, from homeless people to professionals, from artists to DIY enthusiasts.’


Survival & Winter Tree ID and Tree Planting for Forest Café fundraiser / Campfire Day

24th November, 2019

three hares t

“It was lovely to meet you all, be in & nourish nature & learn new skills too 😊👍

Thank you for organising this event & teaching me new skills too 👏👍

Hope the trees grow well & to meet you all at the same venue in the future too 🙏👍😊




Folklore, Foraging & Trees Campfire Day

28th October, 2019

three hares folklore

Tree conservation, immersive folklore and foraging story, path building, nature trail sign making.  RSPB Youth Club, and Edinburgh Unis’s Dirty Weekenders joined for this Community Campfire Day, thanks to them!

Path building Campfire Day

29th September, 2019

three hares path building

Path building went ahead today, joyously.

Unfortunately an art installation by community artist Katy Swift could not go ahead due to the weather.  Hopefully Three Hares will host Katy sometime in the future.  You can check out her work here:


Retreat from the Fringe – Bees & Burn out Campfire Day

25th August, 2019


Bees:  Permaculture based land management techniques to help wildflowers grow, supporting pollinators and other insects.

Burn Out:  Recovery ecotherapy techniques workshop.

Community Campfire Days Launch

28th July, 2019

Rush workshop (rope, educational and edible uses), land care (litter picking) & tree care work, the latter using tools kindly up-cycled and donated by The Edinburgh Prison for us to use! Big thank you to the workers and we hope to use them for the first time this weekend.


Community Campfire Days

hares campfire

28th July 12-4pm…

We are beginning the first of many free MONTHLY COMMUNITY CAMPFIRE DAYS on the 28th July.

Campfire days will be the LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH and will vary in flavour, from ecotherapy to foraging, conservation work (tree care to land care), heritage/identification skills and more. They will all include community, nature, learning and fire!

This day will revolve around prepping the land for PATH BUILDING AND PATH RESTORATION to begin improving access for wheelchair and buggies to your local woodland. We will begin this by building a path through the marshy section of the land that gets difficult to cross in the winter!

We will also do land/river care (LITTER PICKING) & tree care work, the latter using tools kindly up-cycled and donated by The Edinburgh Prison for us to use! Big thank you to the workers and we hope to use them for the first time this weekend.

please bring:
Food to share or not share, water and clothes for all Scottish weathers.

Number 15 bus leaves from Bruntsfield, alternatively the number 37 leaves from Princess Street.
Buses arrives to Glencorse barracks in 35-40 minutes (£1.70) & there will be clear signs from there.
Please post here if you are travelling from Edinburgh & we can coordinate bus trips and car shares.

Further location details:

If you have any questions please contact:



Ecotopia Bike Tour Camp

13th – 20th June, 2019

three hares ecotopia

Check out


Earth and Self Regeneration Days

5th May and 22nd June, 2019

three hares earth regeneration



Enchanted Woodland Walk

18th May, 2019

Enchanted woodland walk ending with food and cultural exchange (we had Kurdish singing and dance, Nepalese song, nature songs)

Facepainting by Naomi’s Fun House.  Performers by Rag Tale Band.  Food by Refugee Community Kitchen.  Forest skills by Katie.  Singing workshop by Francesco.

three hares enchanted woodland walk

“Great day, wonderful humans, stunning scenery.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for organising such a beautiful event on Saturday. Everyone really enjoyed it and went home with huge grins on their faces!”





Compost Loo Prep and Build

8th & 9th April 2019


13th & 14th April 2019

No previous experience necessary!  Come down to Three Hares from midday on 8th and 9th April to help prep the site of our Compost Toilet.

Having this ‘comfort’ at Three Hares will make the site more accessible to many more groups.

The build will take place on the 13th and 14th April from 10am.  Just turn up at Three Hares and Tommy, who is heading the build, will let you know what to do.

This is a great opportunity to learn about compost toilets.

As always, bring whatever food and drink you will need for the day.



Tree Care Day

Sunday 7th April, 2019

You know the drill by now…  Don your waterproofs, bring water, snacks and good cheer and help us swap spiral guards to deer guards to protect our young trees.  Weeding around the base of the trees also essential to remove competition.

Looking forward to seeing you, although maybe the deer aren’t!

Seed Co-Op Spring Equinox Work Weekend

23rd-24th March 2019


Around the Spring Equinox the Three Hares Woodland joined together with @The Seed Housing Cooperative and @The Orchard Project to plant three miscellaneous fruit trees. We were planting intentions for the seasons ahead so that one day we will have many more fruit trees for our communities to pick. Come visit us soon as the leaves grow to help us identify what they are! 🙂 

three hares fruit trees



Tree Care Weekend

23rd & 24th Feb 2019

Tree guards that were originally given with the new trees planted at Three Hares were spiral guards and whilst these are fine for keeping away hungry voles, rabbits and other small creatures, they do not deter the deer.  Our Tree Care Team have been reclaiming used tree guards that are tall enough to stop the browsing and have been swapping them over.  Three Hares are super grateful for the work these volunteers have been putting in, so a big RESPECT fist bump to all of you!!  If you would like to help out with this mission, contact us via our Three Hares email.

Three Hares tree care


Imbolc Volunteer Day

Saturday 2nd Feb, 2019


A day of conservation and nature connection.

Around 35 volunteers took to the land to celebrate Imbolc and give the Three Hares some care.We started celebrating spring on Imbolc/ Brigid’s day by protecting trees and singing Gaelic songs round the fire!

We greatly appreciate these days.  If you have a group of volunteers who would like to do some tree care or other activities, get in touch vie email.

Here’s a post by @Scottish Radical Herbal Network explaining more about Imbolc:


Hut Open Day Happened!

28th October, 2018.

What happened?

Information about Three Hares aims and projects.

Gathering of folk.

Ideas.  Hut gawping.  Tea drinking.  Picnic eating.  Fire woke.  Spoons carved.  Fiddles singing.  Happy good times!



21st October, 2018

Herb Walk with ‘Grass Roots Remedies’



Please visit this link to book a place:

Grass Roots Remedies say:

‘A regular herbal offering from Grass Roots Remedies herbal medicine co-operative: come and learn the historical and current uses of many of our beloved wild plants as both foods and medicines. We will meet at the Glencorse Centre (where there are toilets) and walk down the road to the beautiful Dalkeith to Penicuik Walkway that runs alongside the River North Esk. The walk to this path is roughly 20 minutes, and is situated amongst many beautiful trees and shrubs. We will make our way to the wonderful Three Hares Community Woodland where we will explore the land and talk about the wild autumnal herbs we find growing there, before sharing herbal tea in the the community woodland’s fantastic new hut.

We will be outside for 2.5 hours and walking slowly so remember to wrap up warm and wear appropriate footwear. Even if it’s hot in the sun it can be chilly in the woodland. The walkway can get muddy if there has been rain.

We aim to make our events participatory, enjoyable and inclusive, and will do our best to cater to individual needs & learning styles – please get in touch if you have any concerns.’


Hut is Up!  Join us for an Open Day at Three Hares.

28th October, 2018.


Copy of Poster - hut open day-1


Come along and marvel at the wonderful new structure, find out about more events planned for Three Hares, ask questions, get involved…


Hut Build Volunteer Days and Course!


Here is the schedule for the Hut build at Three Hares. If you can make
it along for even one day it would be most appreciated! you can either
drop in, or email Mark and let him know when you can come
( There are also still paces left on the course
but this must be booked:

Thursday 26/07/18 Materials by trailer and horse from Lea Farm to site
Saturday 28/07/18 Set up, dig foundations, build framing bed

Monday 30/07/18- Saturday 04/08/18 – Roundwood Timber Frame Building

Saturday 04/08/18 Barn Raising

Monday 06/08/18 Floor plates on
Tuesday 07/08/18 Joists on
Wednesday 08/08/18 Ridge plate up
Thursday 09/08/18 Rafters on
Friday 10/08/18 Rafters on
Saturday 11/08/18 Roof on

Monday 13/08/18 Roof on
Tuesday 14/08/18 Floor down
Wednesday 15/08/18 Studs in
Thursday 16/08/18 Studs in
Friday 17/08/18 Windows and door in

Monday 20/08/18 Windows and door in
Tuesday 21/08/18 Cladding
Wednesday 22/08/18 Cladding
Thursday 23/08/18 Cladding
Friday 24/08/18 Party

Hope you can make it at some point. It is a beautiful place to be. To find out how to get there visit or For any more info email Mark.



Tree Care Days

Friday 15th June from 1pm and Wednesday 20th June 2018, from 2pm.


Join Theresa for some afternoons of care for our newly planted trees.  Tree guards need weeded, bamboo canes righted, and grass removed from the base of the trees to prevent competition for growth. A gentle way to spend an afternoon in a stunning place. Just turn up and help, bring gloves if you have (we can provide some), and water etc to keep you going for the afternoon.


Roundwood Framing Course at Three Hares…Interested?

Mark Vrionides will be running the first stage of the build as a Roundwood Framing Course. Come and learn how to construct the frame for any building from logs straight from the woods. This method is particularly great for compost loos, huts, cabins and any kind of shack really, but can also provide the frame for houses and barns.

Mark will cover everything you need to know to build your own roundwood frame, including:

timber selection and preparation
frame design
marking and cutting joints

Course dates:
Monday 30th July – Saturday 4th August, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Cost: £220
Please get in touch if you can’t afford it, there will be some subsidised places, especially for local residents.

The Three Hares Community Woodland is an eighteen acre site just outside Auchendinny, near Penicuik, alongside the River North Esk.
We’ll meet at the Glencorse Centre [4 Firth Rd, Penicuik EH26 0QZ] and walk down to the woodland.

Flooring, roofing, cladding, etc. with guidance from Mark at every stage of the build. Please get in touch if this is more appealing, or if you cannot afford the course. Thanks!

Any questions?


Egg Rolling, April 1st 2018


Where?  Three Hares!

When?  12pm on Sunday 1st April 2018

What??  A fun family day of painting eggs and then rolling ’em.

To bring:  A boiled egg to roll, we have paints so you can decorate it.  Please bring a picnic for your family, water etc.  A friendly request, if you bring chocolate please keep it within your own family, thank you!



Make Way For A Path!


Sunday 25th March 2018, we hope to make a bit of headway with our path which will eventually lead to a shelter that we propose to build on the land this summer.  However, there is quite a lot of gorse in the way!  So don your gloves, grab those loppers and head down to give us a hand!  We will be there from 10am until 2:30pm.  Bring lunch and water too.



Fundraiser Ceilidh with Awry, 27th October 2017


The weather is turning and the cooler, dark nights are drawing in. Come warm your bodies and souls with a night of dancing in Edinburgh to raise funds for Three Hares Woodland CIC.

A ceilidh to begin, with the mighty Awry (the Knockengorroch Ceilidh Band, oh yes!!)

Followed by a wee tasty chunk of freestyle wigging out to Portnawak & The Woo:
‘ a musical ensemble, playing a unique blend of gypsy folk hop, psychedelic tribal bounce music and organic punk…’

Finishing off the night with a second set from the awesome, psychegaelic Awry:           ‘This is music to make you move, dream, dance or doodle, like slugging back a musical pint of the wilds of Scotland with a triple shot of space rock for a chaser’


Taking place on Friday 27th October, 7:30-11:30pm at St.Peter’s Hall, Lutton Place.

Tickets are available from



Last Tree Planting day for This Season.

**Update: This event is now only on the Saturday**

29th April, 2017.


Saturday 29th April,  2017.  11am start on the land.

We have a final batch of 400 native trees, donated by TCV, to get in the ground.

The last couple of tree planting weekends have been a total joy!  A relaxed, beautiful environment, lovely folk, plenty of fun for the kids (rolling down hills and pond dipping to identify what creatures are living in the river, adults welcome to join both activities!).  Here is what one volunteer, Andrew Macleod, had to say about his tree planting experience at  Three Hares:

“There is so much nonsense going on in the world right now it is a joy to see good willed people doing good will things without fuss, in the open air and in such an inclusive way…all power to Three Hares’ elbow!”

We will, as usual, provide tea and biscuits.
Bring suitable outdoor footwear and clothing, water and snacks.
Bring a spade if you have one.


Blue Skies Earth Skills to start running their courses on the Land

We’ve just launched our children’s and families classes for this Spring.

Into the Woods is our wonderful 6 week long family adventure on Friday afternoons, based at an accessible site in Midlothian. Starts Friday 27th April. There’s only space for 8 families so book early 😀

Our Wee Survivors and Young Survivors specialist children’s programmes for children aged 7-11 and 12-18 are starting in May. Dates are now available on the Blue Skies webpage, with further details coming soon of our all new programme.

For more information please go to or contact Kate Hedges by email



Official Three Hares Relaunch and AGP

1st April, 2017.  2pm-6pm

What is an AGP?  Well, it’s like an AGM (Annual General Meeting) but we like to have an Annual General Picnic.  It sounds less business like.

Why a relaunch?  We thought that we needed to let everyone know that we have finally sprung into action after waiting for our lease for over 2 years!!  Yes, we did go a bit quiet.  However, there was still plenty of behind the scenes action, and now we want to share it with everyone!

What happened at the last AGP?  This:

It was a frosty December day.  We woke the fire, walked  the land, munched our picnics, danced to Portnawak & The Woo and rescued a wee vole from the fire into a bowler hat.

What will happen at this AGP?

We will wake the fire, munch our picnics, keep the official business brief and be enchanted by a performance of ŠUMA by Kuchke and composer Zoë Irvine.   ŠUMA is a sound walk with radio transmission, singing and the sounds of the woodland.  If you have a transistor radio, bring it along!  Find out more here:

ŠUMA – Zoë Irvine & Kuchke


The day will be rounded off with a fire side set by The Watch Thieves, hypnotic and awe inspiring!

Apart from having a grand day out, this is also a good opportunity to visit the land, find out more about Three Hares Woodland CIC and see how you can become more involved.  Or you can just come along and enjoy your picnic in a wonderful setting.

Hope to see you there!

Bring a picnic!!

Tree Planting Weekend 11th and 12th March, 2017.

We’re looking forward to our Tree Planting Weekend in March.  This is what we did in Spring 2016:

We have just been donated 450 native species, by The Woodland Trust, with steaks and guards.  Get your spades out!

Starting at 10am on Saturday 11th March, 2017.  It shouldn’t take more than a day, but you will have chance to enjoy the wonderful place that is the Three Hares.  It really is a wee patch of magic.  Campers welcome.  Fingers crossed for sunshine!

More info on the ‘News’  page.


Willow Tree Planting Day Feb 10th 10-4

Come and join us for our first tree planting day of the year!

We have 200 willow cuttings to get into the ground. 4 Varieties for those basket weavers out there!

Head along to the land on Feb 10th between 10-4 for some planting fun.

Tea and Biscuits provided.

See you there!!

The Hares 🙂

Member’s Woodland Planning Meeting, 13th February 2016-RESCHEDULED!!

 NEW DATE:  SUNDAY 13TH MARCH, 1PM. (Meet at Glencorse Centre)

This is a chance for Three Hares Members to be involved in the initial planning stages of the woodland.  We have identified ‘clusters’ or groups of jobs that need consideration, inspiration and implementation.

We would also like to tackle a litter pick on the day, and look at beginning to clear some gorse for a pathway.

For more info contact  If you are not already a member but would like to be, fill out the simple membership form that can be found on the ‘Become A Member’ page.

Permaculture Woodland Design Course Dec 2015-Jan 2016


The design course, led by James Chapman, ran over two weekends in December 2015 and January 2016.  A great way to be involved in the first stages of designing a site, and an even better way for Three Hares to make some progress with planning the Community Woodland.

Annual General Picnic!  13th Dec, 2015.


It was a frosty December afternoon.  It was encouraging that around 70 folk turned out, under the blue skies, to check out the Three Hares Community Woodland.  They showed enthusiasm and shared ideas.  Together we woke the fire, walked the land, ate our picnics and enjoyed some tunes.  A grand day out!