Trees, Trees, Trees

Since becoming stewards of the land in January 2017, we have planted over a whopping 1400 trees at Three Hares.  Thanks to all the volunteers who are making this happen.

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The Three Hares Woodland is an 18 acre community woodland near Auchendinny, Midlothian.

The Three Hares has been set up as a Community Interest Company who have just signed an initial 5 year lease on the site (January 2017).  Our vision is to protect and develop the woodland for the benefit of the community.

The initial design process has involved the directors, assisted by permaculture design students. We have lots of ideas of how we would like to progress – if you would like to become involved, contact us!


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  1. claireofnatureclan says:

    Aloha from Maui ~ when I was walking in the glen, a local Gabe me your website. I am happy to learn of your caring co-creative, brilliant beauty! I hope to meet when I return. I live on Maui in Hawaii, & founded the MPN in 2006, Maui Permaculture Network. I founded the Orkney Permacullture Network (OapN) in July 2016.
    I love Scotland, my family roots back to 483AD from me. I was born in California to my father who was born in Shetland Iskands when it was called Zetland, in 1919.

    Ka lā hiki ola, dawning of a new day,

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