28th July 2019 – Community Campfire Day

hares campfire

28th July 12-4pm…

We are beginning the first of many free MONTHLY COMMUNITY CAMPFIRE DAYS on the 28th July.

Campfire days will be the LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH and will vary in flavour, from ecotherapy to foraging, conservation work (tree care to land care), heritage/identification skills and more. They will all include community, nature, learning and fire!

This day will revolve around prepping the land for PATH BUILDING AND PATH RESTORATION to begin improving access for wheelchair and buggies to your local woodland. We will begin this by building a path through the marshy section of the land that gets difficult to cross in the winter!

We will also do land/river care (LITTER PICKING) & tree care work, the latter using tools kindly up-cycled and donated by The Edinburgh Prison for us to use! Big thank you to the workers and we hope to use them for the first time this weekend.

please bring:
Food to share or not share, water and clothes for all Scottish weathers.

Number 15 bus leaves from Bruntsfield, alternatively the number 37 leaves from Princess Street.
Buses arrives to Glencorse barracks in 35-40 minutes (£1.70) & there will be clear signs from there.
Please post here if you are travelling from Edinburgh & we can coordinate bus trips and car shares.

Further location details:

If you have any questions please contact:

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Check out ecotopiabiketour.net

Watch out here for more info about a skillshare day and communal meal with them at Three Hares Woodland.

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Compost Toilet Build. 8th, 9th,13th & 14th April 2019

No previous experience necessary!  Come down to Three Hares from midday on 8th and 9th April to help prep the site of our Compost Toilet.

The build will take place on the 13th and 14th April from 10am.  Just turn up at Three Hares and Tommy, who is heading the build, will let you know what to do.

Having this ‘comfort’ at Three Hares will make the site more accessible to many more groups.

This is a great opportunity to learn about compost toilets.

As always, bring whatever food and drink you will need for the day.


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Tree Care Day 7th April 2019

It’s happening now!  Today!  Get yourselves down to Three Hares to help with protecting our young trees with deer guards and weeding the base of the trees to stop growth competition.

Also, a shout out to get in touch if you know anything about a mycelium tea that is a less labour intensive way to remove the grasses etc from the base of newly planted trees.  We are keen to use this method so email threehareswoodland@gmail.com if you can help.



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Hut Celebration Postponed


It is with much disappointment that we have to cancel the hut build celebration this weekend and rearrange for another date. Today Dalkeith Police contacted Three Hares to inform us that Midlothian Council had been in touch with them, reporting that we were planning an event without a Public Entertainment License. There is no chance to get this license in three days.

We obviously think this is ridiculous but as we were officially warned by the police that if we went ahead with the event we would be committing a criminal act we have to cancel. Going ahead with it would jeopardise future events at Three Hares and would result in action being taken by the police against us. The officer who phoned did commiserate with us but had to act on the complaint made by the council.


However, we will keep you informed of when we can have a right proper shindig to celebrate!!

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Hut Celebration!


By this weekend it will be finished! Come celebrate with us!!

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First Day of Round Wood Timber Frame Course


We have begun the hut build!  The first day (Monday 30th July, 2018) consisted of much draw knife action debarking the larch poles.  The scent and the colour of the bark were wonderful!  Ash mallets were also created.  A really great group, full of enthusiasm, are taking part in this project.  We look forward to more volunteers joining us on Saturday to raise the structure.  Come along!

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Hut Build- Volunteers Needed!

The Hut build is happening! 

Here is the schedule for the Hut build at Three Hares. If you can make
it along for even one day it would be most appreciated! you can either
drop in, or email Mark and let him know when you can come
(danmarksaid@gmail.com).  Days start at 9:30am.  There are also still paces left on the course but this must be booked:

Thursday 26/07/18 Materials by trailer and horse from Lea Farm to site
Saturday 28/07/18 Set up, dig foundations, build framing bed

Monday 30/07/18- Saturday 04/08/18 – Roundwood Timber Frame Building
COURSE (Must be booked)

Saturday 04/08/18 Barn Raising

Monday 06/08/18 Floor plates on
Tuesday 07/08/18 Joists on
Wednesday 08/08/18 Ridge plate up
Thursday 09/08/18 Rafters on
Friday 10/08/18 Rafters on
Saturday 11/08/18 Roof on

Monday 13/08/18 Roof on
Tuesday 14/08/18 Floor down
Wednesday 15/08/18 Studs in
Thursday 16/08/18 Studs in
Friday 17/08/18 Windows and door in

Monday 20/08/18 Windows and door in
Tuesday 21/08/18 Cladding
Wednesday 22/08/18 Cladding
Thursday 23/08/18 Cladding
Friday 24/08/18 Party

Hope you can make it at some point. It is a beautiful place to be. To find out how to get here visit https://www.facebook.com/threehareswoodland/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTRYh2R5TfI For any more info email Mark.

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Tree Care Days

Super volunteer Theresa will be on the land this Friday 15th June from 1pm and next Wednesday 20th June, from 2pm, taking care of our newly planted trees.  We have planted over 1400 trees at Three Hares since taking over Stewardship of the land in early 2017, and they now need some tender loving care. Are you up for helping her?


Tree guards need weeded, bamboo canes righted, and grass removed from the base of the trees to prevent competition for growth.  A gentle way to spend an afternoon in a stunning place.  Just turn up and help, bring gloves if you have (we can provide some), and water etc to keep you going for the afternoon.



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Three Hares Are Building!

Midlothian Council have granted us planning permission to build our woodland hut, and work begins this July!

Mark Vrionides will be running the first stage of the build as a Roundwood Framing Course. Come and learn how to construct the frame for any building from logs straight from the woods. This method is particularly great for compost loos, huts, cabins and any kind of shack really, but can also provide the frame for houses and barns.

Mark will cover everything you need to know to build your own roundwood frame, including:

timber selection and preparation
frame design
marking and cutting joints

Course dates:
Saturday 30th June – Friday 6th July, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Cost: £220
Please get in touch if you can’t afford it, there will be some subsidised places, especially for local residents.

The Three Hares Community Woodland is an eighteen acre site just outside Auchendinny, near Penicuik, alongside the River North Esk.
We’ll meet at the Glencorse Centre [4 Firth Rd, Penicuik EH26 0QZ] and walk down to the woodland.

Flooring, roofing, cladding, etc. with guidance from Mark at every stage of the build. Please get in touch if this is more appealing, or if you cannot afford the course. Thanks!

Any questions?
Email danmarksaid@gmail.com

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