Volunteer Opportunity

Hi everyone things have been getting a lot busier here at Three Hares recently and we want to be able to keep everyone up to date with our lastest exciting news. Therefore we’re looking for someone who has a few hours a week spare to help us keep our Facebook and wordpress site up to date. If this sounds like something you might enjoy and could help us with drop us an email at threehareswoodland@gmail.com

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Transforming tree canes into bee hotels

Anyone who’s been lucky enough to recieve free native trees over the years also probably recieved an abundance of canes and spiral tree guards. We’ve seen lots of creative ways the canes can be put to good use after the trees out grow them, with a recent favourite being the creation of bee hotels!

Robert from Cohooley woods collected some of our old canes a few weeks ago and quickly whipped up these beautiful bee hotels. Bee hotels help support solitary bees who are important pollinators in our landscapes. These wild bees do not form colonies but nest alone and can take up residence in bamboo canes and other human-made tubular holes.

Making bee hotels can be a fun task for all. If you’d like to try building your own, check out Nature Scot’s guidance on best practice to increase the chances of your home being occupied.

If you want to see more of Robert’s wood work check out his Woodland Crafts Facebook page where funds go towards supporting Cohooley community woodland project.

Bee hotel made by Robert, Cohooley Woods, demonstrating how Three Hares tree canes can be upcycled for wildlife.

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Mezzanine build!

We got more storage! In 2018 at the start of becaming stewards of The Three Hares land a beautiful Roundwood Hut was built. This has been a great gathering and storage space over the years, but recently we’ve needed more space.

Thanks to Emma Elliott-Walker, a carpenter and off-grid community builder, we recently installed a new mezzanine inside the Hut. This extra storage space will allow us to continue to use the hut for a rainy-day shelter option.

To check out other work Emma does, you can find them at:

  • Personal instagram – @emma_elliottwalker
  • Email – emmae-w@hotmail.co.uk
  • Cross-cut cooperative instagram – @cross_cut_coop

Huge thank you to Scottish Forestry Community Grant for funding this build!

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Tree care for National Tree Week

It’s National Tree Week! We hope you’ve been celebrating all things trees – whether it’s going for a walk in the woods, planting new trees or writing a story with trees at the centre.

At Three Hares we’re sharing the importance of tree care. Particuarly important in the first few years after planting, trees need continual maintenance to ensure they get growing. We encourage those who have free time and enthuasim while walking at Three Hares to do some hand weeding and tree guard fixing. We haven’t been able to run our usual Tree Care days this year, so the odd help here and there is ever more appreciated!

Check out our new video if you need some guidance on how to:

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New Sign and New Funding!

Our new sign with Katie and Anna who transported it all the way from Northern Ireland.

Last Friday was an exciting day at Three Hares as we finally got to install our amazing new sign! Thanks to the University of Edinburgh (https://www.facebook.com/EdinUniLocal/) for the funding, to Leo (https://www.facebook.com/tradsignwriting) for designing and painting it and Bren Jamin for framing and fixing it into place.

Bren Fixing the new sign in place.

We received other great news this week: we’ve secured funding to do a COVID recovery program and establish a Forest School on the land! 😃 Motions are being put in place now, and both are planned to start running in 2021*. We will be running workshops for lots of different groups impacted by COVID including children, key workers, refugees, asylum seekers and adults.

*All events will run in accordance with the latest local and national government COVID guidelines

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New Volunteering Opportunity

Scottish Wildlife Trust - Scotland's leading nature conservation charity

If you have always wanted to get more involved at Three Hares Woodland then now is you chance as we’re looking for volunteer leaders to help run our new Wildlife watch group in partnership with The Scottish Wildlife Trust. If you enjoy the outdoors, have an interest in wildlife and want to help young people enjoy and discover nature then this is the opportunity for you! Checkout the link below to apply.


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Can we borrow your copper pipe cutter for the 25th October 2020, please?

This is a call out to all pals of Three Hares…we need to borrow a copper pipe cutter for the 25th October when we build our solar thermal water heating system for hand washing at Three Hares (that’s this Sunday!)…if you have one and are happy to lend it out, please let us know. We will clean it properly after use!! Thaaaaaaanks.

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Scotland votes to end mass culling of Mountain Hares. June 2020

mountain hareOn Wednesday 17th June, after much pressure from conservationists, the Scottish Parliament voted to give Mountain Hares special protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

More on this story here:




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A wee pause…

bigstock-Conceptual-image-of-green-tree-81093914-660x408Hi all, this is the inevitable notification that due to the Covid-19 virus we will not be running any events at Three Hares for a little while until we have more of a grasp on the situation.

We had thought that some outdoor work like tree planting, done with properly acknowledged social distancing and with a small group, may have been able to continue this Sunday, 29th March, but obviously now with lockdown in place that will not be possible.

We will re-assess the situation as soon as lockdown is lifted, as we understand the benefits of being outdoors on physical and mental health, as well as the importance of continuing to look after the land and trees at Three Hares.

We have been looking at the possibility of running eco-therapy days for folk in need of it, NHS workers with burnout, as an example, and will keep you posted.  If you have any ideas or are interested in this please send an email to threehareswoodland@gmail.com

In the mean time, if you can, appreciate the pause that this situation has brought.  Cheer on nature as it begins to heal itself.

Be well and keep in touch.

Much Springy love,

Hares xxx

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New Paid and Volunteer Opportunities at Three Hares Woodland!

We are in the final year of our initial 5 year lease engaging local communities with the Three Hares Woodland, around the values of Well being, Biodiversity and Education.

For us to secure a lease at £1/year for 99 years, we need to continue our community campfire days alongside further outreach to schools, local people and volunteer groups. It’s a very exciting time to get involved!

All applicants must be available for a training weekend 1st and 2nd February 2020. Project Coordinator applicants must be available for an interview on Sunday 26th January. 

  • Project Coordinator Role (1 paid position until at least June 2020, thereafter depending on funding)
    • Click here for Role Profile, Specification & Questionnaire.
  • Campfire Coordinators/Facilitators (1-6 paid facilitators to deliver two events per year)
    • Click here for Role Profile, Specification & Questionnaire.

Application deadline for above posts is Monday 20th January 2020. Please email threehareswoodland@gmail.com with your questionnaire.

As per our most recent community consultation we have organised Friday afternoon forest school sessions for young people, supported by Scottish Wildlife Trust.

  • Environmental educators – Wildlife Watch Leaders, supported by Scottish Wildlife Trust (2-6 volunteers)
    • Click here for more information and to apply.

Hope to have you on our Harey team! 

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