Youth Story Camp – Storytelling and Nature Connection

On 7th-9th July, Dougie Mackay and Elly Kinross welcomed kids (7-12 yrs old) to Three Hares for a three day non-residential Story Camp, as part of Visit Scotland’s Year Of Stories.

What happened?: We had a great time at our Summer Storytelling camp. We spent time exploring the Three Hares playing, crafting and storytelling. We played games of sneaking, running and hiding. We made clay paints, leaf and flower prints and elder beads. We listened to stories about greedy monkeys, grumpy old women and magic hats! We used our imaginations and took inspiration from nature to create worlds where sticks were moustaches, confused each other with riddles of knights and nights and shared tall tales of castles, keys and talking cats.

“I thought it was really amazing. I loved the most when we were at the river. I felt sad when it was over and would love to do it again!” Participant Age 7

“A great activity for kids! Also what a lovely, wildy place to get to enjoy for myself when I was dropping my child off and collecting them again. Good for me to be able to enjoy being close to nature for those moments too.” Participants Parent

Look out for details of our next Youth Story Days: Rekindling The Ceilidh on the 3rd September and 1st October. Or email for more info.

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