2022 Announcements

We’ve been working hard over the last year to get things in place for this coming year, and we’ve got a few exciting announcements.

Become a Volunteer Tree Care Facilitator

Musical Forest Launch

Year of Stories

We’re very excited to finally announce our Musical Forest project! A collaboration between The Three Hares, musicians, woodworkers and storytellers, the building of a Musical Forest at The Three Hares has just begun.

Launced out of a desire to reimagine how woodland spaces can be used and an enthusiasm to bring outdoor community music making to life, the next few months will see a series of outdoor wooden musical instruments being built for The Three Hares. 

Thanks to funding from Creative Scotland and Orcome Trust for kickstarting this project, the instruments should be installed in the woodland come spring and will culminate in a music and storytelling workshop programme.

Follow us on Instagram (@musicalforest_3hares) and stay tuned to find out who’s driving the project, the stories behind each instrument and opportunities for you to get involved.

We’ll be taking part in Visit Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022! In partnership with Dougie Mackay storyteller, we’ll be running ‘Rekindling the Ceilidh: Storytelling Through the Scottish Seasons.’ 

This programme has two parts:

Youth Programme
An 8-day storytelling programme for young people starting in Spring 2022. This will build on Story Camp 2021 where participants will explore creating stories, woodland games and crafts. Watch this space for dates and sign up released very soon!

Public events 
We will run Spring, Summer and Autumn day events at The Three Hares for everyone to attend! There’ll be stories, crafts and much more! Again, dates will be released very soon!

This whole programme will be tailored towards the seasons, weaving together storytelling and nature activities which mirror the time of year. We can’t wait!

A reminder…

That our next volunteer tree care and land mainteance day is this Sunday 27th January, 11 – 3pm. Bring warms clothes and a pack lunch, and hope to see some of you there!

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