Three Hares takes part in Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

The Three Hares and Dougie Mackay storyteller are thrilled to annouce we’ll be taking part in Visit Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022!! Thanks to Year of Stories Community Stories Fund we’ll be running:

‘Rekindling the ceilidh: storytelling through the Scottish seasons’

This project will bring young people and the local community together to share traditional stories, and create new ones, inspired by their natural environment. A group of young people (aged 8 to 13) will create stories about the natural world during a series of outdoor storytelling sessions. They will then help to develop and participate in four public events tailored to the seasons, weaving together storytelling, crafts and nature exercises which mirror each season. We can’t wait!

Dougie Mackay storytelling at The Three Hares Youth Storytelling Camp 2021

Look out for more details in the new year on the young people’s storytelling programme and the four public events to run from March – October next year! 😃

Find out more about all the excellent events for Year of Stories 2022 here:


Clay monsters made during The Three Hares Youth Storytelling Camp 2021 – More to come in 2022!
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