Charity Christmas Trees

Friends of Leadburn Community Woodland are gradually felling their Lodge Pole Pine and Sitka Spruce, to replace with native Scots Pine.

They fell them at this time of the year, so as they can be sold for Christmas Trees, with the profits this year going to woodland charities, Three Hares Community Woodland included.

See flyer below for more info…you can even go and fell your own!

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2 Responses to Charity Christmas Trees

  1. Juliette Paris-Newton says:


    We would like to come to cut our tree on the 19th of December if at all possible.


    • Jcat says:

      Hi Juliette, it’s Leadburn Community Woodland who are offering Christmas Trees, so you will need to contact them directly. Their contact info is on the flyer. All the best, Three Hares


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