New Sign and New Funding!

Our new sign with Katie and Anna who transported it all the way from Northern Ireland.

Last Friday was an exciting day at Three Hares as we finally got to install our amazing new sign! Thanks to the University of Edinburgh ( for the funding, to Leo ( for designing and painting it and Bren Jamin for framing and fixing it into place.

Bren Fixing the new sign in place.

We received other great news this week: we’ve secured funding to do a COVID recovery program and establish a Forest School on the land! 😃 Motions are being put in place now, and both are planned to start running in 2021*. We will be running workshops for lots of different groups impacted by COVID including children, key workers, refugees, asylum seekers and adults.

*All events will run in accordance with the latest local and national government COVID guidelines

About foragingandfindings

I'm a 4th year student at Edinburgh University studying ecology. I have a keen interest in foraging and nature and I've made this blog to share this. It will contain tips on what to forage and when and what to do with it afterwards.
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