Hut Celebration Postponed


It is with much disappointment that we have to cancel the hut build celebration this weekend and rearrange for another date. Today Dalkeith Police contacted Three Hares to inform us that Midlothian Council had been in touch with them, reporting that we were planning an event without a Public Entertainment License. There is no chance to get this license in three days.

We obviously think this is ridiculous but as we were officially warned by the police that if we went ahead with the event we would be committing a criminal act we have to cancel. Going ahead with it would jeopardise future events at Three Hares and would result in action being taken by the police against us. The officer who phoned did commiserate with us but had to act on the complaint made by the council.


However, we will keep you informed of when we can have a right proper shindig to celebrate!!

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