Official Three Hares Relaunch and AGP. 1st April, 2017. 2pm-6pm

We will wake the fire, munch our picnics, keep the official business brief and be enchanted by a performance of ŠUMA by Kuchke and composer Zoë Irvine.

ŠUMA is a sound walk with radio transmission, singing and the sounds of the woodland.  If you have a transistor radio, bring it along!  Find out more here:


What is an AGP?  Well, it’s like an AGM (Annual General Meeting) but we like to have an Annual General Picnic.  It sounds and feels less business like.

Why a relaunch?  We thought that we needed to let everyone know that we have finally sprung into action after waiting for our lease for over 2 years!!

What do I need to bring?  A picnic, warm clothes, boots and a transistor radio if you have one.

See you on the land!

More info on Events Page.

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